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Snurfboard History

The History of the Snurfboard

Sliding through the snow on some kind of board or seat is nothing new. Early history shows that there have been numerous attempts by people all around the world at developing different ways to slide down a snow covered hill on some kind of device. People have turned cardboard boxes and garbage can lids into enjoyment for some afternoon fun outdoors in the snow. Check out The Kackar Mountains, the Birthplace of Snowboarding for some snowboarding history.

Snurfboard History - one of the Oldest Line Up of the First Snurfboards

We here at Novak Snurfboard have some of those old relics not destroyed by time. In 1966 Sherman Poppen of Muskegon Michigan fixed two skis together and added rope for his young daughters to ride down the local dune hills and history was made. Poppen's inventive wife came up with the name "snurfer" by combining the words "snow" and "surfer".
Watch a cool video called, Worlds first snowboard "called a snurfer"

Now here comes Bob Novak ten years old on a wooden Sherman Poppen Brunswick snurfer flyin down the hill. Before he ever got on a skateboard Tony ALVA style, Bob had a "Snurfer". Before he put a surfboard in treacherous Lake Michigan or super treacherous Hawaii, Bob was snow surfing on his snurfboard down a huge Michigan dune. Before he ever raced motocross, Bob raced his "Snurfer" in the Muskegon Community College National Championships at the Blockhouse in North Muskegon. And HE WON numerous times!

Bob was on a Champion S N U R F E R!!

Now comes the dirt beneath the snow. Who invented the snurfboard? Who made it popular? Who invented the snowboard or the "WinterSTIK"? Was it Jake Burton? Was it Tom Sims? Was it Poppen? His wife? Those cool dudes in Germany? Which came first the chicken or the EGG? Does it really matter?

Old Snurfer Trophies Old Snurfers and Snurfboard Contest Trophy

No ... however the truth does matter.

The National Snurfing Association made it illegal to use bindings in competition. Poppen also made it illegal to use a composite material snurfer, both of which Bob had in use since 1972. Jake Burton hired Bob in 1982 to race and build Burton Snowboards because beating Bob was impossible for Jake Burton so if you cant beat em, don't join em ... Hire em!!

Bob hand made and raced hundreds of boards for Jake Burton. He beat Tom Sims Boards which made Burton Boards happy. Bob was beat once at Mount Killington by Tom Sims by only 3 one-hundredths of a second and uncontested by GENTLEMAN BOB NOVAK ... "it was a tie I seen it!"

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