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Novak Snurfboard LLC
Novak Snurfboard LLC
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Novak Snurfboards

The world leader in snow surfing equipment and accessories.

Novak Snurfboard - Huge jump on a Snurfer We see that you made it here. You must be snow bored and looking for some hassle free fun surfing the snow? Then you have found the right place. We here at Novak Snurfboard take it to the next level for you in snow surfing.

Novak Snurfboards are similar to surfboards and have all the action of skiing and surfing rolled into one. The idea is simple. You stand on the board sideways with no bindings, hold on to the control rope that is attached to the nose of the board and snow surf your way down the hill. You surf the snow just like a surfboard standing up. Snow surf all over the slopes just by shifting your feet and using the control rope. If you think you might fall off, just jump off the board and try again.

For added safety and the ability to not lose your board if you should fall off, we went a step further by adding a Safety Leash to the control rope. Just attach the leash comfortably to your wrist hand that you hold the control rope with and off you go.

Beyond Snowboards - Beyond Snowskates - Beyond Extreme - No Bindings - Hassle Free
For even more added fun, you can let go of the control rope and try Freeboarding your way down the hill.

Big air on a Snurfer Snurfboard Kids - Novak Snurfboard Snow Surfing

Our Snurfboards Built With The Best Materials

All our boards are built for the long hall. With the limited lifetime warranty, we know you would try to break it. Our Space Glass or Makrolon Polycarbonate is the strongest in the industry. Stronger than most metals today.
The unbreakable space glass which will withstand the coldest of temperatures while still maintaining it's flexible characteristics will be able to withstand any punishment from your local hills and dunes without breaking, no matter how steep or how fast you may want to go. Check out the Products or the FAQ sections of our site for more information.

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Snurfing the Mountain of snow

We can explain to You what surfing the snow from the mountain top was like.

We can even tell You how to get there.

But We can't give you the feeling.

For this, You must go to the mountain top Yourself.

~ Novak Snurfboard LLC

Where To Snurf

For us, this is probably the best part of snurfing. The excitement in seclusion and it costs next to nothing to snurf. You don't need a ridiculously expensive lift ticket, high-tech boots or any special clothing. You don't have to park miles away to get shuttled to an over-crowded hill and wait in line only to do battle with weekend warriors. Though mountains are great, they are not required. The most ideal snow surfing can be found at your local golf course, sledding, or any back-country hill that gets fresh snow. We're talking back yards with steep hills. In fact, snow surfing even works in just a few inches of fresh powder.

Snurfing Videos - Novak Snurfboard

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Novak Snurfboard LLC - The world's leader in snow surfing boards and accessories.

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