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Novak Snurfboard LLC
Novak Snurfboard LLC

About Us - Novak Snurfboards

The world leader in Snow Surfing boards and accessories.

Novak Snurfboard LLC is a new innovative independent snurfboard company based in Muskegon Michigan. Our goal is creating the ultimate snow surfing ride while still maintaining the feel and ride of the past for all styles and types of mountain terrain for snow surfing. Our company produces superior performance high-quality snurfing equipment here in the good ole U.S.A.

Novak Snurfboard has taken a cautious approach to building snurfboards using over 30 years of snow surfing experience. Our goal has always been to build the best indestructible snurfboard in the world. Being able to produce snurfboards in our Michigan facility and maintaining a stance against out sourcing snurfboard production to overseas factories is important too. With total control in our hands, and the ability to personally oversee our production process, we have the ability to build each board with a uniqueness and high quality of its own.

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High performance, durable material quality and customer service are the basis upon which we build our boards. We have learned from the past and now with todays technology pushing the core elements to a superior level we are creating the best snurfboard on the market today. Each board is made to advance and withstand the abuse of hard charging local riders around the world. Every board is handmade in Muskegon Michigan, right in the heart of snow surfing country.

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Novak Snurfboard LLC

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Novak Snurfboard LLC - The world's leader in snow surfing boards and accessories.

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